Friday, February 17, 2012

Penguin Readers for Adult Learners

Trying to select interesting reading material for your learner?  Penguin Readers are an excellent resource housed in both the El Cajon and Vista Literacy Centers.  Often called "high-low readers" (high interest-lower reading level), Penguin Readers are essentially abridged versions of classic novels, biographies, or movie adaptations.  There are different levels within this series which accommodate most adult learners, from lower level readers to more advanced readers.  You will find an array of genres and titles, including Sense & Sensibility, Heart of Darkness, Black Beauty, 1984, and even biographies of famous people, such as Martin Luther King Jr.  You can view more Penguin Readers titles by following this link:


  1. what level is this book?

  2. The Penguin Readers copy of Black Beauty is labeled as Level 2. This translates to about a 3rd Grade reading level.