Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Make a Difference! Become a Volunteer Tutor!

VIDEO: Now You Know - How To Volunteer With LEARN:

Put your skills to good use!

Take some time to help an adult learn how to read at your local branch of the San Diego County Library. Meet twice a week and make a difference in someone's life!

Volunteer with LEARN today!


Friday, May 20, 2016

VIDEO: New Alpine Library Boasts Zero-Net Energy

VIDEO: New Alpine Library Boasts Zero-Net Energy: It's the first of its kind in the region built by a local government. The new Alpine Library branch will not only use half as much energy required as the other County libraries, but all energy needed to run the building will be produced onsite. Check out some of the new features of this smart building.

Alpine Library Grand Opening

Saturday, May 21st, 10:00am
1752 Alpine Blvd, Alpine, CA 91901

Monday, May 16, 2016

Eat.Drink.Read - A Culinary Fundraiser for Literacy

Do you enjoy great food?  Sample some of the region's best dishes while supporting literacy efforts in San Diego County.

On May 18th, Eat.Drink.Read. promises to be one of the best happy hours, benefitting more than 25 literacy organizations in San Diego. There are a number of top chefs from some of the best restaurants in our city attending and what they have to share is bound to delight and entertain you. The event is at the ever-popular Liberty Station, which continues to grow and transform itself.

You can purchase tickets online (http://bit.ly/1UpJd6N) or call (619) 574-1641 ext. 105.

Mention LEARN Adult Literacy - San Diego County Library when you purchase your tickets, so that LEARN can receive a portion of the ticket sale!
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Friday, January 29, 2016

LEARN's 2016 Tutor Training Schedule

All trainings are held at the El Cajon Branch Library.  To register for a training session, please call 888-466-0668 or click: http://www.sdcl.org/learn-volunteer.html

LEARN Tutor Training Schedule

Month                         Date                                                    Time               Branch
Saturday, Jan. 30th                              10:00 – 4:00    El Cajon

         Thursday, Feb. 18th                                12:00 - 4:00     El Cajon         

Saturday, March 5th                            10:00 – 4:00    El Cajon

Thursday, April 14th                            12:00 - 4:00     El Cajon

Wednesday, May 4th                           12:00 - 4:00     El Cajon

Saturday, June 25th                                 10:00 - 4:00     El Cajon

Saturday, July 23rd                              10:00 - 4:00     El Cajon

Saturday, Aug. 27th                             10:00 – 4:00    El Cajon

Wednesday, Sept. 14th                        12:00 - 4:00     El Cajon

Saturday, Oct. 1st                                10:00 - 4:00     El Cajon

Saturday, Nov. 5th                               10:00 - 4:00     El Cajon

Thursday, January 14, 2016

Teach an Adult to Read & Write! Volunteer With LEARN!

VIDEO: Now You Know - How To Volunteer With LEARN:

Is reading your thing? Take some time to help an adult learn how to read at your local branch of the San Diego County Library. Meet twice a week and help better someone's life. Volunteer with LEARN today!

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Monthly Tutor Reports - Frequently Asked Questions

All tutors must submit a monthly tutor report to the LEARN staff by the 5th of each month. Although the monthly tutor report helps keep us informed of your learner's accomplishments, these reports cover more than just your learner's progress. The monthly tutor report also helps us keep track of your learner's goals (set and met), materials usage, and any areas of concern. The monthly tutor report also informs us of what type of hours were kept by you and your learner. 

In general, if you email us at least three sentences about what has been or not been happening with your learner, it belongs in a report.

Below are answers to tutors' frequently asked questions:

1)Do I submit a report if little or no progress has been made?
Answer: Yes! The monthly tutor report is not necessarily a progress report. Although we want to keep abreast of any and all progress, we realize that at times the learning process moves at a snail’s pace. If this is the case with your learner, add this to the report, plus any other developments (positive or negative). We definitely want to know things like, “Joe hasn’t made any progress lately. He lost his job and had to miss a couple of sessions.” This information gives us some insight into what’s going on with you and your learner. It also helps us assist you if you feel things are stagnant.
2)Do I submit a report if we only met once or twice in the past month?
Answer: Yes! LEARN tracks the hours kept by all tutor/learner pairs, including any tutor preparation or travel time. We, in turn, pass this information to the San Diego County Library’s administration and the California State Library. Both the County and the State want to know how many volunteer hours are spent teaching adults how to read and write. Based on the information included in tutor reports, LEARN tutors spent over 10,400 hours teaching their learners literacy skills last year!  This information also helps us with grants, which provide free books for our learners each year.
3)What if my learner’s goals are still the same and not much has changed? Do I still submit a report?
Answer: Yes! We’ll refer you back to the answer for Question #1. Additionally, maybe this is a good time to sit down with your learner and set new goals. If his/her goals are more long-term, maybe you can both set some goals that will help his/her progress in the short-term (i.e. complete Challenger workbook Lesson 3 in the next two weeks, each week this month read one chapter in my book, etc).
4)Do I submit a report if we did not meet and/or have not met in over one month?
Answer: No. You do not have to submit a report if you did not meet; however, we would like to know about any breaks in tutoring that have taken place (planned or unplanned). You can either send us this information via phone, email, in person, or in a tutor report.
5)I haven’t submitted a report because my learner and I stopped meeting a while ago.
Answer: The last one was a statement and not a question, but we do have an answer! If you and your learner are no longer meeting, please contact us! Let us know if you are interested in being paired with a new learner. There are always several learners waiting for tutors. We are constantly updating our database, so please keep us informed as to you and/or your learner’s status.

Please submit your monthly tutor report by the 5th of each month. You can download a copy of the monthly tutor report by following this link: http://www.sdcl.org/PDF/SDCL_LEARN_monthly-tutor-report.pdf. If you have any questions regarding the tutor report, please post your questions in the comments below, send us an email, or give us a call at 619-588-3740. Thank you!