Thursday, March 29, 2012

Fine Free Friday

Do you have any overdue library books?  Are you concerned about the fines you've amassed from these items?  If so, you will be glad to learn about Fine Free Friday.  Fine Free Friday is the San Diego County Library's "amnesty" day that encourages library patrons to return their overdue items without penalty.  Overdue SDCL-owned library materials are eligible to have their fines waived if the items are returned on the last Friday of the month following the item's due date. Items overdue longer than this will not be eligible for their fines to be waived on Fine Free Friday.

SDCL branches will be closed on Fine Free Friday, March 30 in observance of César Chávez Day. Fines will be waived on SDCL-owned items returned to one of our book drops after the close of business on Thursday, March 29 and prior to opening on Saturday, March 31.

Please be sure to renew your items to avoid overdue fines.  Please call or email the LEARN staff if you have any questions regarding overdue literacy materials or fines incurred from overdue literacy materials.  Please visit this link for more information:

Friday, March 9, 2012

You're Never Too Old

James Henry worked as a fisherman and made a good living for his family, but he harbored a secret for nearly 90 years that only his wife knew about.  He could not read and write.  For years he was able to get by with help from his wife, street smarts, and bluffing.  As he got older and his wife's health began to deteriorate, James decided to make a change.  Watch the video and read the inspiring story of how James learned to read at the age of 90 and became an author at the age of 98.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Challenger Series

The Challenger book series is an eight-level program which guides adult learners from the beginning stages of reading to pre-GED reading levels.  This series helps adult learners improve their reading and reading comprehension through the use of original stories, nonfiction articles, themed units, and phonics charts.  Each lesson includes an introduction of new vocabulary words, a short story or article, reading comprehension activities, and various exercises covering the mechanics of the English language.  This popular series is utilized by many LEARN tutors who find it a resourceful tutoring and learning material.  You can peruse this series by stopping by the El Cajon or Vista Literacy Centers.  The Challenger series is also on the LEARN website's materials list: